Skyjump X

Made in Germany & TÜV approved

The fastest existing system is a tree redundant computer automatically controlled high speed winch.  This is the fastest existing winch in the world. Innovative brake system, multi sensor positioning system and several other features guarantee a maximum operational safety standard. Speed and acceleration is close to free fall (actually we offer 3 different speed options to the participant). This system was invented by LSResearch and is a 100% Made in Germany Product. RL-C Singapore is the exclusive partner and distributor for Asia and Middle East. 

Skyjump X Features

The fastest descender system in the world

TÜV approved breaking strength cable system - 30to

Speed menu

We offer the only speed menu on that kind of attraction. The client can choose between 3 different speed settings. 

Weight is based on the ground level

The entire weight of the winch system is based on the ground level (landing zone). Therefore Skyjump X can be installed on towers, buildings, bridges etc...

Top & bottom start

The Skyjump X decent starts either at the top or the bottom. By having a top start, our system is also usable as a rescue device

Camera system

The high-tech  camera system captures the clients descent by following the participant at same time and speed

Skyjump X is a state-of-the art and brand new attraction based on many 1000's safe descends