We created the first and highest (TUV approved) mobile SWING system in the world, back in 1995. The initially patented Swing holds a 100% safety record and counts more than 200.000 customers. Our Swing designs are available for i.e. for Cranes, Buildings, Towers, Stadiums etc...We offer 2 different Swing versions: Bottom loaded or Top loaded (Top Swing X). RL-C’s SkySwing X is based on many years of experience and strict safety guidelines and for sure one of the top Adventure Sports activities on the globe.


Clients experience the thrill of running down a vertical wall towards the ground whilst safely secured in a custom harness with multiple safety components. A great and intense activity for almost everyone. A perfect marketing tool for locations such as i.e. Hotels or Shopping Malls or big Events. Vertical Skywalk is also an ideal format for highlighting brands and communicating messages, an interactive billboard continually attracting attention from distance, day or night. Unveiling of real estate developments - Television formats - Opening ceremonies - Product -launches - Fashion Shows etc….